By Shelly Bradley
Wal-mart Precious Gems -  April 1999 
ISBN: 0821763393
Romance / Historical

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
Wal-mart On-line

Don’t under estimate the Precious Gems Series because it sells cheaper than most romances and can only be bought at a discount store. Shelly Bradley is just one of the talented writers in this series and I strongly believe Precious Gem will be the one to launch the future's greatest romance authors. 

A tempting, torturing, sizzling romance full to the brim with passion and lust. 

Dominic Grayson’s revenge against the Duke of Dalmont seemed to be his only reason for living. Once he escapes from a prison where he was wrongfully sent, his first priority is to kidnap Dalmont’s fiancée and keep her for himself. But as we all know, nothing ever goes as we plan it to. Once Dominic has Victoria in his grasp, a battle develops inside him, his angry, vengeful side wanting to follow through with the plan and his gentlemanly side wanting to get to know this beautiful creature a little better. But which side will win and will they all survive. 

This is the second title by Shelly Bradley in the Precious Gems Historical Romance Series. She has such talent and I expect to see her move up the ranks and become one our favorite historical romance writers just like Mary Jo Putney and Teresa Medeiros. 

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