By Lorraine Heath
Penguin Book USA Inc.  - June 1997
ISBN:   - Paperback

Romance / Historical

Reviewed by: Renee Wampler, MyShelf.Com 
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This original tale begins by smoothly giving you some background on the troubled pasts of the main characters.  The story keeps you from putting this book down for wanting to see how this concludes. I was impressed with how you could feel so many emotions in one story with a touch of humor and tragedy combined.  Any true romantic at heart would enjoy this edition to their collection of greats.

This book opens up with Houston Leigh who was chosen to pick up his brother's mail -order bride.  Houston battles his memories of the civil war and his complicated relationship with his family to discover Amelia.  Amelia Carson agrees to become Dallas Leigh's mail-order bride to escape a war ravaged Georgia and start a new life but doesn't count on having Houston Leigh as a interruption to her perfect plans. The characters are believable giving a true illustration of the difficulties of overcoming civil war and picking up the pieces of a normal life again.  I really felt their emotions in the story.  Houston and Amelia develop a certain bond on their adventure back to the Leigh family ranch but must remember Dallas.  I sympathize with Houston who felt like he was "used goods'" to Amelia.

The setting of the book is a fair and true picture of the war torn south at the end of the civil war and how families usually lost family farms and had to settle else where.  The clothes and dialogue were in sync with the time and era portrayed in the story.  Even in the hottest of weather, the women were expected to wear the long traditional dresses cooking over fires or tending the fields.  In reading Texas Destiny, I felt like I took a trip one hundred years ago to visit old friends.

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