CUPID: The Amorous Arrow
By J.M. Jeffries

Imajinn Books -October 1999
ISBN: 1893896013 – Paperback
Romance / Paranormal / Cupids

Reviewed by: Carisa Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Jacqueline S. Hamilton and Miriam Pace are the masterminds behind the pen name of J.M. Jefferies.

Cupid is in trouble, and there’s no escape. He’s put on probation and has to fix the problem that has had him in trouble for 40 years. It’s not his fault that Cecilia and her husband didn’t work out. Fortuna had stepped in and ruined it once again, and all because she wants to be the new Goddess of Love and soon reign over the entire universe in Jupiter’s place. She’s desperate to keep her nephew and her sister, Venus, from succeeding in repairing the relationship between Cecilia Luna and Fredrick Barrett, and that meant sabotaging their plans of love for Cecilia’s plumbing niece, Amberlin O’Rourke, and Fredrick’s grandson, Jeremy Barrett. 

Amberlin, the plumber by day / starving artist by night, niece of the Sicilian hot-head Cecilia Luna, is in for a roller coaster ride that she will never forget. She and Jeremy plan to get her aunt and his grandfather together so the “feud” between them will end, but they don’t count on the attraction that is growing fast between them. Will she go with her feelings and pursue Jeremy, the blue-collared, computer software designer from San Francisco, or will she stay in Brooklyn as a plumber/artist?

This is a great romance! The story is adorable and the characters are so well defined and life-like that the comedic conversations that go on are even funnier. The love scenes between Jeremy and Amberlin are very hot and passionate, but not extreme. The love and passion that is shown between them throughout the book is enough to make anyone breathless. It’s definitely a great read for hopeless romantics such as myself.

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