By Cassie Edwards
Signet - Dec 1999
ISBN: 0451198689 - Paperback
Romance / Historical

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com

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Cassie Edwards' love for Indian romances is very apparent! I get the impression her heart and soul is poured into each romance she writes. THUNDER HEART like her others, is a revealing, honest, and romantic look at Indian history. 

Thunder Heart's band has been named Musti-Ponca (Warm Ponca) because the white man has moved his tribe to Missouri. On the trip his loss was tremendous, and now as they sit and wait on the white man, his chieftain father and his people are ill. Dede and her son Johnny first learn of the Ponca's existents when they hear the haunting songs of the tribe. Bill who lives with Dede in name only is out to seek revenge on the Indians for his painful loss. As he and others make destructive plans against Thunder Heart's tribe, Dede makes plans of her own. 

Ms. Edwards paints the canvas of her romance with some colorful characters, interesting historical facts, and a steamy romantic moment or two.  A must read for those who love Indian romances.

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