By Katherine Sutcliffe

Jove – Nov 1999
ISBN: 051512678
Romance / Contemporary  / Paranormal

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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This contemporary romance is just that contemporary, it’s very bold, it’s tension filled, and passionate. 

Leah Star (Foster) D.V.M., after graduating from college, going through a divorce and giving birth to a handicap child has moved back home. When she comes home life is different.  Now she is the one trying to get by and living in an older home. And the young Native American she once professed to love and her father professed to hate now owns her fathers horse ranch, is living in her home and sleeping in her parents’ former bed. 

Johnny Whitehorse is a successful actor and model, as well as the owner of Whitehorse Farm, but his success seems to be bittersweet because those who meant the most to him are not there to share it. Johnny files a lawsuit and is representing thousands of Native Americans who feel their money is being mismanaged by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and if that isn’t enough some of the shading dealings lead right back to Leah’s father, Senator Foster. 

Before the dust settles on this one, someone will be dead, some won’t know whom to trust, and others will see the truth for what it is. The ending is very satisfying. 

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