White Series, No. 3 
By Jaclyn Reding
Signet  - 1999
ISBN: 0451198522  - Paperback
Romance / Historical

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com

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White Knight is third in a series of four, the first being White Heather, the second being White Magic, and the last in the series is White Mist. 

Lady Grace Ledys thought that her arranged marriage to Christian Wycliffe, Marquess Knighton, would be perfect, but little did she know that he had a past that he would not deal with, and it was making him a very cold and mean man. With her happiness taken away, Grace decides to leave for a castle called Skynegal. 

I was truly amazed at Ms. Reding's truly magnificent descriptions of the Scottish Highland Clearances when poor tenant farmers were burned out of their homes by greedy landowners. The descriptions were explicit and made me feel the anguish that the tenants felt. White Knight was a wonderful romance that was heart breaking at times and yet was exciting to read. 

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