By Mary Jo Putney 
Ballantine - Aug 1999 
ISBN: 345433157
Romance / Historical

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com 

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Kyle and Dominic Renbourne are twins, born 10 minutes apart, which makes Kyle the heir and Dominic the spare. This causes some family problems with the brothers... one becomes domineering and the other rebellious. After living separate lives for some time. Dominic finds Kyle at his door offering him something he has wanted all his life. But, he can't get it until he does what big brother asks. 

Dominic agrees to impersonate his twin at the Warfield Manor with Kyle's future bride, Lady Meriel. Dominic thought it would be quick and simple... until he sees the rumored mad and silent young lady his brother had described is really a beautiful, enchanting woman, living in an enchanted world of her own making. A world Dominic feels at home in.

The Wild Child captured my attention immediately. The story itself is enchanting and romantic. Mary Jo has a way of writing that has her readers coming back for more. The characters are well developed and come to life with the first page. Each has a vital part that adds to the story line and their relationships are intriguing. If you are a romantic at heart, you will love this passionate romance. 

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