With Kay Hooper / Marilyn Pappano  / Michelle Martin / Donna Kauffman  / Jill Shalvis 
Bantam – Oct 1999 
ISBN: 0553581678
Romance / Contemporary  / Paranormal

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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The first two have a touch of paranormal to add to the new millennium atmosphere. The next three show us that pre-judgment could cost us true love unless fate and the Y2K bug step in. 

Arts Magica – A quick easy read. A young wizard plays with an experiment created by the man she admires. When the Y2K bug hits she finds herself transported to his home in 1899. 

Gabriel’s Angel – The Y2K try's to put an end to Gabe Rawlins future in the new millennium. He meets a gorgeous angel who helps him find his way. 

Stuck With You – When the Y2K bug hits Attorneys Lauren Alexander and Griffin Sloan find themselves stuck with each other. They learn that the Y2K and fate are working together to set the record straight. 

Close Quarters – Veronica Rourke thinks she is committing a felony to protect her fathers privacy. When the Y2K hits she finds herself trapped with the man she is sabotaging. 

Trouble at Midnight – Dora Wickers wants to make changes in her life…but she doesn't know if her Clark Kent / Banker boyfriend fits in. When the Y2K hits they find themselves stranded on a train forced to make a decision. 

I liked the premise of true love being in the hands of fate AND the Y2K bug.   Let me remind you this is an anthology, the stories are short and the relationships are quick, so don't be surprised if you come away wanting more. This passionate anthology is a fun easygoing read to start the new millennium with. 

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