By Megan Lindholm
Voyager (Harper Collins) - May 2002
ISBN: 0007112548 - PB

Reviewed by: Rachel A Hyde,
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Book three in the excellent Ki & Vandien Quartet follows on from The Windsingers rather like a sequel, tying up some loose ends and creating others hanging tantalizingly in the air. Once again the pair have arrived in a strange city and once again their reputation follows on before them as one of the Windsingers has arranged for Ki to be tricked into passing through the Limbreth Gate, a portal into another dimension. But where one passes through, another must pass out into our world, and Vandien soon learns of the calamity. But far from being a place of torments, the other world makes people happy and gentle, and the capricious deity that rules there is keen to be entertained by Ki's stories. In return, he gifts her with some startling knowledge about her early life and who she truly is…

I'm going to be very sorry when I have read the final book in this quartet and think that other fantasy writers ought to read it to see how a good tale doesn't have to be a doorstop. As with the other books, something happens on every page, and although it is very much book three, the story is separate from the other novels. We learn more about the characters, and although the descriptions of places don't have the dimension of the fishing village in The Windsingers, events unroll like a wonderful tapestry, of which this is just a part. Unmissable stuff.

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