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Publisher: FrancisIsadore Press
Release Date: 2002
ISBN: 0971660929
Format Reviewed: E-book
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Genre: Science Fiction
Reviewer: Jo Rogers
Reviewer's Notes: Violence

Leaps of Faith
Edited by Karina L. Fabian and Robert A. Fabian

     There is a prevailing myth that science fact and religious belief are incompatible, although most proponents consider as fact things that are as yet unproven theory and many scientists find their research confirms, rather than destroys, their faith.
With this in mind, Francis Isadore Electronic Press presents Leaps of Faith, an anthology of Christian, science fiction stories. Most of the authors here are Catholic, so questions are explored from the Catholic point of view, but most apply to all points of view in the Christian faith. How will the aliens accept it? Better yet, will we be allowed to take it with us into space? Many of these stories speculate on what will happen when Christians explore beyond our world.

     There are several scenarios here, from an alien trying to bring the faith to his world, the acceptance of AI androids into the church, the murder of the faithful by the ungodly and the use of one’s faith to bring about a miracle with the aid of technology. The possibilities are legion, but in all of them, known science facts are presented accurately. They are also realistic, in that all of the endings do not culminate on a miracle from God that comes about without human and technological aid.

     I found this book quite interesting. Though I am not of the Catholic persuasion, I am a Christian. I agree that science and Christianity do go together. I would like to see more issues explored in this manner. I highly recommend this book. It not only entertains, it makes you think.

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