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ISBN:  0-06-056996-4
Format Reviewed: Audio Book 
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Genre:  Fantasy
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Carisa Weeaks 

Reviewer Notes:  PG-13 Some strong and sometimes suggestive language

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Monstrous Regiment
By Terry Pratchett 
Performed by Stephen Briggs

     Polly and her father run "The Duchess," an inn continually filled with military veterans, drunks, and other strange citizens of Borogravia. Realizing that she would not be able to hold on to the family's inn since she is a female and only sons could inherit from their father, Polly cuts her hair and dresses in her brother, Paul's, clothes to enlist in the military. (Paul had enlisted and had not returned.) Determined to get her brother back, Polly tries her best to "be" a normal young boy in order to get to the battlefront. Along with a vampire, a troll, a brash sergeant; a rude, intolerable corporal, and a strange, somewhat confusing lieutenant, and other young men, Polly sets out on her quest, only to realize along the way that nothing is quite what it seems.

     Pratchett has written yet another incredibly hilarious story with characters as unique as snowflakes. Each one is an example of what pure imagination can create as reality hides from truth. It both humanizes and satirizes the extremities of social norms with the flair of the strange and inane. I absolutely LOVED this audio.

      Reader Stephen Briggs is an important contributor to the magical humorous essence of this audio book. Using his immense talents, Briggs morphs his voice into the personality of each character so expertly, it's hard to believe that there is only one man behind it all.

    I strongly recommend this audio for anyone who loves the joy of the strange and profound nature of the imagination. It has definitely made me a dedicated fan of Terry Pratchett.