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Publisher: Eos 
Release Date: October 2003 
ISBN:  0-380-97902-0
Format Reviewed: Hardcover 
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Genre: Fantasy 
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Jo Rogers 
Reviewer Notes:  Explicit Violence

Paladin of Souls
By Lois McMaster Bujold

     Paladin of Souls is the mind-bending sequel to The Curse of Chalion. As the story begins, Ista is now healed of her insanity. Her family and servants aren't convinced the healing is permanent and continue to keep her inside the castle at Valenda. Her mother has died, and the story opens on the day of her funeral.

     Ista peers over the battlements of the keep, knowing she will be kept here and smothered as long as her family controls her fortunes. When she sees the gate open for a courier, she dashes out, saying she wants to take a walk. Her walk lasted five miles, and in that time, Ista realized three things. She could only make her family think her madness had returned by running away. She should never have left in the slippers she wore at the palace. Last, but not least, she'd brought no weapon with her, so, if the horsemen coming up behind her were unfriendly, she was in great danger.

     Though she is forced to go back home, Ista decides to go on a religious pilgrimage, something her family cannot deny her. Though she is angry with the five gods, she pretends she is going to the Mother to ask for a grandson. To keep the size of her entourage down, she leaves all her maids at home and commandeers a courier, Liss, as her maid. Thus Ista embarks on a far greater adventure than the peaceful jaunt she had envisioned.

     Paladin of Souls is another outstanding offering from veteran author Lois McMaster Bujold. My respect for this talented lady grows each time I read her work. If you haven't read The Curse of Chalion, pick up this book and follow it with Paladin of Souls. You will go on an adventure you'll not soon forget!