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Publisher: Filbert Publishing 
Release Date: November 2003 
ISBN:  097107965X
Format Reviewed:  Paperback
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Genre:   Science Fiction
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Sheila Griffin 
Reviewer Notes: Some Profanity 

A Love Story Out of Time
By Sean K. Thompson 

     Although Abby Ross is the scientist who invented the time machine, she is not the optimum choice for a time-traveler. She is a bossy, ill-tempered alcoholic who can't keep her mouth shut. To top it all off, she knows nothing about history.

     Abby has recruited historian Zach Walker for his expertise on historical events. As a bonus, he is very even tempered, and a great negotiator. He can talk his way out of any situation...or he could, if Abby would just shut up! In spite of Abby's big mouth, Zack finds himself falling in love with her.

     Abby funded the time travel project out of her own pocket. Now she is broke. Reluctantly, Abby turns to the University for financial support. They insist that she take along one of their board members on her next time jump.

     Zach and Abby decide that they should take Dr. Goldman back to witness Kristallnacht, the night which signaled the beginning of World War II. This turns out to be a very bad idea, since Dr. Goldman is Jewish. Despite Abby's insistence that travelers must not change history, he is determined to prevent the Holocaust.

     Dr. Goldman leaves Abby and Zach stranded in Germany in the year 1938 and returns to the lab. When Abby and Zach return to the present, they discover that Dr. Goldman has already gone into the past. Abby immediately sets out after him.

     About two-thirds of the way into the book, a parallel time line begins. There Abby is no longer the boss. The military has taken over the project, and Abby is just a flunky. The world is about to end. Abby is the only one who can set things right, and she is unaware that anything is wrong.

     This book has it all: mystery, drama, comedy, and even a romance or two! It is often laugh-out-loud funny. There is some profanity, but it is not overwhelming. The various "Abbys" who were jumping around in parallel segments of time were sometimes difficult to keep track of, but eventually all became clear. This is an excellent book!