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Publisher:  Aspect/TimeWarner
Release Date:  October 14, 2003
ISBN: 0-446-53221-5 
Format Reviewed:  Hardcover
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Genre:  Fantasy
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Jo Rogers 
Reviewer Notes:  E: Violence

The Elder Gods
The Dreamers, No. 1
By David & Leigh Eddings

     With The Elder Gods, David and Leigh Eddings begin another masterpiece fantasy series. "The Dreamers" series tells the story of the land of Dhrall and the gods and goddesses who rule the four Domains.

     The four elder gods who began creation are asleep while the four younger ones finish the job. They work in cycles, with four sleeping while the other four tend to their creation. The four younger gods who rule now are nearing the end of their cycle, but all eight of them have a nemesis in the vast Wasteland that occupies the center of Dhrall. That-Called-the-Vlag is a monster that wants to rule all the world. For centuries it has laid its plans, even experimenting with breeding its servants for specific tasks. It even has an army which is too individually stupid to be afraid, but, ruled by an overmind, can be very deadly.

     Now, when the younger gods are nearing the end of their cycle and before the elder gods awake, it is almost ready to attack. It is sending its servants into each Domain to gather information.

      The intrusion of strange creatures was first noticed by Dahlaine, the eldest of the four siblings and ruler of the Domain of the North. He visited his siblings with a gift: a special human child to raise. These were the prophesied Dreamers, the ones whose dreams would tell Dahlaine, Aracia of the East, Veltan of the South and Zelana of the West how to defeat That-Called-the-Vlag.

     Rich with detail, The Elder Gods is fascinating reading. It is the beginning of another best-selling Eddings fantasy series. I anxiously await the next volume! For both science fiction and fantasy lovers, this is a must read!