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Publisher: Harper Collins
Release Date: 09/28/2004
ISBN: 0-06-074088-4
Format Reviewed: Audio CD 12 hours/ 11 CDs
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Genre:   Fantasy
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Carisa Weeaks
Reviewer Notes:  Hardcover Reviews: One & Two

Going Postal
By Terry Pratchett
Performed by Stephen Briggs

    Moist Von Lipwig is so good at being deviously underhanded that no one has ever seen what he really looks like or even that he exists. He could’ve never dreamed that his crimes were ones that could be punishable by death…that is until he finds himself being hung. As the floor drops from under him, he expects to wake up in heaven, but he finds himself, instead, in the position that is definitely between a rock and a hard place. With the choice to either accept the job as postmaster or certain death, Moist decides that this actually might be a good chance to cash in on the high stakes on a game of cat and mouse. With Mr. Reacher Gilt and his associates at the Grand Trunk Corporation controlling the clacks towers and making it difficult for people to send a letter without selling a body part, the dilapidated post office is desperately needed. The only problem is…the post office has bigger and weirder problems than its competition with the clacks…WAY weirder. Talking mail, a sorting machine from another dimension, and postmen who believe in the sanctity of their jobs, are just a few of the things Moist encounters in this strange tale of comedic adventure penned by the marvelous Terry Pratchett.

     I am a huge fan of Pratchett and was literally giddy when I got the chance to review this audio book. Ever since I reviewed “Monstrous Regiment” I’ve been flabbergasted by the strange world that Pratchett has created called “Discworld”. Moist is an amazingly funny character with all the charisma one creature in this world could have. His interactions with the other characters and solutions to the strange, unexplainable conflicts that unfold before him are hilarious! Pratchett has the ability to take the worlds of Tolkein and Lewis and warp them beyond human comprehension. I recommend this book to everyone and hope that they get as much of a kick out of it as I have.

     Stephen Briggs is the narrator and does an incredible job as usual. I love the fact that he has been a continuous part in the development of Discworld and all her weird wonder. He has an amazing ability of giving each character their own identity to the point that it seems there are more than one of him at times undertaking this Herculean task. Well done!