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Anansi Boys

by Neil Gaiman

      In his second adult book, Neil Gaiman tells the story of Fat Charlie Nancy and his brother, Spider. Charlie wasn't fat, but once his father named a thing, it stuck forever. And Charlie didn't know he had a brother until his father died. In a way, Charlie was glad Mr. Nancy wouldn't be at Charlie's wedding to Rosie Noah. A dead father couldn't embarrass him. However, what would he do with a brother?

At first, having a brother seemed like a neat idea. Now, he knew who the young stranger was who had attended his mother's funeral. He'd only gotten a glimpse of him, and couldn't say what he looked like. Now that he knew he was his brother, he wanted to meet him. But he didn't know how to contact him. He asked the only person he might know, that lady was Callyanne Higgler, who had lived next door to Charlie before his parents were divorced. At this point he didn't even know his brother's name. Mrs. Higgler told him to tell a spider. Charlie dismissed this as pure bunk. So, he buried his father in Florida and went back home to London, England.

Back in London, he removed a spider from his house, so Rosie wouldn't have a fit. As a bit of a lark, he told the spider he wanted to see his brother. The next thing he knew, his brother was on his doorstep. He told Charlie his name was Spider. Charlie invited him in, and that was when things really began to go wrong.

With a droll sense of humor Gaiman leads us through Charlie's ups and downs, disasters and conquests, to a most satisfying ending. Gaiman takes the trickery of the legendary Spider to a whole new level. If you enjoyed American Gods, you will love Anansi Boys. Pick up a copy of both and enjoy!

The Book

William Morrow / Harpercollins
September 20, 2005
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NOTE: Contains violence and sexual situations.

The Reviewer

Jo Rogers
Reviewed 2005
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