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The Autumn Castle

By Kim Wilkins

     Christine Starlight, the daughter of pop stars Alpha and Finn Starlight, lives a life filled with pain-physical pain as well as emotional pain. She was injured in the car wreck that killed her parents. Now, her back hurts constantly; sometimes it's worse than others. It got a lot worse the night after Jude, her lover, cleaned the kitchen and moved the table. When she backed into the corner of the table, she blacked out from the pain. When she regained consciousness, she was no longer in Berlin. She had somehow been transported to a faery world ruled by Queen Mayfridh.

     The two women recognize each other. When they were children, six years old, they lived next door to each other. Mayfridh, called Little May, had been kidnapped and taken from her parents. She'd been adopted by the king and queen of the land of Ewigkreis. Once in the land of faeries, she had forgotten her parents when the seasons changed and the passage to the Real World closed. Now, the passage to the Real World was opened again, and she remembered Christine.

     Suddenly, Christine disappeared again. Both women would like to see each other again, but the simple desire to renew an old friendship would bring disaster to Mayfridh's kingdom. The man who has given Christine's artist boyfriend, Jude Honeychurch, a grant to pursue his art, is also a faery killer. He would like nothing better than to relieve the faeries of their bones to finish his sculpture.

      The Autumn Castle is a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. The unexpected twist at the end will leave you satisfied that the story could not have ended any better. Pick up a copy and enjoy!

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Warner Aspect / Time Warner
March 1, 2005
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