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Circle of the Moon

by Barbara Hambly

      Barbara Hambly returns to the world of Sisters of the Raven in her newest novel, Circle of the Moon. The Sun Mages have no vestige of power left to them. Some have turned to other lines of work to keep from starving. Some have taken their own lives rather than face life without the power that had given them purpose and prestige. A few made their living teaching those who had shown the gift. There were no young men to teach, however, for only the women possess magic now, and there are precious few of those. So far, only Raeshaldis, Cattail, Moth, Pebble Summerchld, Foxfire and Red Silk show any promise. In spite of the best efforts and careful teaching of the mages, their powers are unpredictable at best.

On top of being unable to bring the spring rains, there are new crises coming swiftly. The teyn, the large gorilla-like animals that do manual labor as slaves, are escaping as the spells to keep them in fail. As a result, King Oryn is forced to proclaim a jubilee and go through the rites of consecration after only twelve years on the throne. Unless the women learn to master the spells to keep him safe from crocodiles, snakes and poison, he cannot survive the process. And somewhere is a woman who calls to Raeshaldis in her dreams, asking for help in healing the children of fever that is killing them.

It is a race against time to find a solution to all these problems and a new evil that threatens all of mankind. I was drawn into the story on the first page and could not put it down until the end. It is, of course, a work of fiction, but a most satisfying one. Pick up a copy of Circle of the Moon and settle down to a great fantasy.

The Book

Aspect / TimeWarner
September 22, 2005
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NOTE: Contains violence, strong language

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Jo Rogers
Reviewed 2005
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