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Crystal Gorge
The Dreamers, No. 3

by David & Leigh Eddings

      Premier fantasy authors David and Leigh Eddings return to the land of Dhrall in the third book of their epic series, The Dreamers. In the first two books, The Elder Gods, and The Treasured One, an odd assortment of allies managed to stave off assaults on the Domains of two of the four elder gods, the western Domain, ruled by Zelana and the southern Domain ruled by Veltan. Now, in Crystal Gorge, the servants of the Vlagh headed for the northern Domain, ruled by Dahlaine, the oldest of the four elder gods. The Dreamers, who are actually the sleeping gods in the form of children, are waiting for one of them to dream which of the remaining Domains will be attacked next.

When Lillibeth, the child cared for by Aracia, dreams that the attack will come against Dahlaine's Domain, Aracia tries to keep that information to herself. However, the children share their dreams and Eleria tells Zelana of Aracia's deception. All the soldiers stationed in the eastern Domain Aracia controls are told what she's done and they leave in disgust. All the armies go north to defend Dahlaine's Domain.

New troops arrive with the armies led by Narasan, the Trogite, and the Maag pirate, Sorgan Hook-Beak. The horsemen of Malavi and archers from the western provinces of the northern Domain join the spear throwing Matan of the central plains to defeat the "bug-people." Together, they discover only one place that leads from the Wasteland to the north - the Crystal Gorge.

As in the last book, many of the characters return and the new ones are examined in detail. The descriptions of the area are graphic. Crystal Gorge is a worthy addition to this best-selling series called The Dreamers. All fantasy lovers will be delighted with this new book. Pick one up today and enjoy!

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August 25, 2005
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NOTE: Contains violence

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Jo Rogers
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