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The Dare
A Tor Romance

by Susan Kearney

      Dora's love for Zical, a Rystan planet warrior, began when she was only a machine. Her sensors were calculated to project data, but her emotions projected a heart that only he could heal. Dora's plan to grow a body to house her brain and be the woman Zical could make love to is fruitful. However, before she can enjoy the benefits of being human, a crisis sends both her and the man she cares about into deep galactic space. Their mission is to save the galaxy from machines that have been programmed to destroy all she cares about.

      Zical's first glimpse of Dora's human, nude body almost sends the danger to his planet out of his mind. When she commands that he take her with him on his mission, he refuses. She needs time to adjust to her new body, and he needs time to adjust to the new Dora. His old mechanical friend and helpmate is nothing like the sexy and seductive siren that begs for kisses. When Dora's depression over a few minor flaws in her new genetic makeup becomes dangerous, Zical wants to help.

      Together, Zical and Dora traverse the dangers of deep galactic space in their quest to save their world. On their journey, they realize that love is the key to making the world a safer place. Awesome descriptions, intricate details, and seductive love scenes make Ms. Kearney's book a definite keeper.

The Book

July 2005
Advance Review Copy
Fantasy/Science Fiction
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NOTE: Some explicit sexual content

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Faith V. Smith
Reviewed 2005
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