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Moon Child

by Simone Maroney

      In Moon Child, Simone Maroney has crafted an interesting fantasy in a world where the Mother Goddess appears often in human form and instructs those she chooses. Young Hanna, a victim of her father's manipulations and a prophesy made at her birth by the Priestesses, has been educated by the Priests and given forbidden knowledge by her father. As a young woman, she is forced to flee her home, beginning a long journey of self-discovery and revelation about her own destiny in the world.

Hanna first seeks out her father and finds that his ambition, though centered on her own contribution, does not really involve her. She finds an aunt and cousin and once again sees her own life part of someone else's broader schemes. Only when she stubbornly seeks her own path does she find where her destiny is leading her. But, once again the journey is not easy.

The characters in Moon Child are believable and draw the reader's sympathy. The landscape in which they are portrayed is varied and complex. The differing cultural systems that Maroney portrays in Moon Child have their own rules and modes of conduct. They make interesting reading, especially for those of us with a fascination for anthropology and what motivates groups.

The book's ending is logical, though not a decisive one. That may be because there will be a sequel in the future, which is hinted at in the epilogue. Another book would be most welcome, not just to revisit Hanna and her new found community, but to answer some of the questions left open in this book. Simone Maroney, please continue the saga of Hanna's plight. Let us know what will happen to her.

The Book

Dramr Publishing
July 2005
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The Reviewer

Janie Franz
Reviewed 2005
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