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Mystic Quest

by Tracy & Laura Hickman

     Mystic Quest is Book Two of the Bronze Canticles. Galen Arvad exposed the Deep Magic twenty-three years before our story begins. In Book Two, the mystics are endangered by the Dragonkings. They wander about, homeless and hungry.

     The clans are also persecuted by the Pir, slaughtered for their magic ability because the Pir's religion states the Dragons are gods and the gifted magic rightfully belongs with the Pir and not with the mystic clans.

    Now, the Pir have come to the clans with an offer to bring peace to their world. They will help them find the lost City of the Gods, Calsandria. This is the base of the mystics' lost empire, and the city where their gods once lived. In return, the Pir will allow them to settle in Calsandria and to travel there unmolested. However, it brings to Galen an unwelcome discovery. The Pir Inquisitas that is to lead them home is also Galen's son. He hates the mystics as much as the Inquisitas are hated by the mystics.

     Here, the story divides into two more parts. One deals with the goblins, the rise of King Mimic with his automated titans, and the wizard, Thux, who tries to stop him. For Thux, it is literally a struggle for his own life. King Mimic is determined to have Phylish, the wife of Thux, killed so Thux can marry the King's daughter.

     The other deals with faeries and their struggle with the Kingdom of the Dead. This story jumps from one point of view to another, often to the frustration of this reader. Though the story is good and has a satisfying ending, it was a struggle for me to get to that ending. Perhaps this is because I have been quite ill and am unable to concentrate as well as I did before. Therefore, I will allow you, the reader, to make up your own mind.

The Book

Warner Aspect
April 18, 2005
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NOTE: Contains violence

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Jo Rogers
Reviewed 2005
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