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That Which Is Sown

by K. G. Caddzanoff

      K. G. Caddzanoff has written a complex fantasy in the new release, That Which Is Sown. The story centers around young Scena, a Naskine priestess, who with only her brother, a cousin, and her mage grandfather, plunge deep into the southern lands of the warlike Angrist. Scena soon finds herself in the middle of growing antipathy between the Naskine and the Angrist. She also becomes a pawn in a political coup among the Angrist themselves. In addition, one of the Agrist, Khryorian, soon finds himself attracted to her and not only must deal with her protective kin but Scena's own sense of mission and duty. Mix in pure evil, a large dose of magic, and some very unusual creatures like the Cylix, a cross between a dragon and a cat, and Cassiterite, a rock creature, and you have the makings of a fascinating story.

Caddzanoff's characters, though fantastic, are believable and behave logically within the parameters of their unusual personas. The evil is very evil, and the good is recognizable- at least, most of the time. There also are narrow escapes aplenty and lots of plot twists. Caddzanoff obviously has taken her ability of spinning wool into yarn, one of her many varied interests, and applied it to the written word and the structure of the novel. Her strong threads hold the complex plot together, which has been woven carefully. That Which Is Sown is a great read, full of adventure and intrigue, with a very satisfying ending.

The Book

Infinity Publishing
February, 2005
Trade paperback
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The Reviewer

Janie Franz
Reviewed 2005
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