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by Megan Powell

      Derek is a werewolf under a curse. He can no longer change into wolf form. To make matters worse, he is the pack leader and cannot admit his malady to anyone. If any of his pack members discovered his problem they would challenge him to a fight to the death. With his serious handicap, Derek is certain to lose.

Derek's whole pack is falling apart. They used to be a cohesive unit. Now it has become a society of cliques. The alpha female is behaving the strangest of all. Is she simply no longer attracted to Derek, or does she suspect something is wrong with him? Or worse, could she be in cahoots with the lone wolf who cast the curse upon Derek?

Derek seeks help at a bookstore specializing in the occult. Liz Hastings, the employee he talks to, is a witch. He approaches her claiming to be an aspiring author in the horror genre. He needs her help researching werewolves.

As Liz searches for information for Derek, she finds herself being drawn deeper and deeper into an involvement with him that she is not sure that she wants. A few years ago, Liz was brutally raped by a member of her coven. It was a date rape and none of the other coven members believed her. She had withdrawn from all human contact until Derek came along.

Now Liz and Derek are in a race against the clock. They must find a way to lift the curse before the next full moon. Otherwise Derek's pack will discover his weakness and will tear him apart.

This book has only two drawbacks, both involving language. There is a sprinkling of vulgar language and also a sprinkling of polysyllabic words. These minor flaws do not detract from its overall enjoyability. This is a good book.

The Book

September 1, 2005
Trade Paperback
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NOTE: Sprinkling of vulgar language

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Sheila Griffin
Reviewed 2005
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