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Of Fire and Night
The Saga of Seven Suns, No. 5

by Kevin J. Anderson

      The Saga of Seven Suns continues in Of Fire and Night. On Earth, when Queen Estarra accidentally becomes pregnant, Hansa Chairman Basil Wenceslas schedules an abortion procedure, because he didn't give the king and queen permission to have a baby. As his insanity grows, he refuses to believe this was an accident. But King Peter and Queen Estarra enlist the aid of Eldred Cain, Basil's deputy, to leak word of the pregnancy to the media, thereby making it impossible for Basil to go forward with the abortion. As "punishment," he slaughters the dolphins the king and queen swim with and leaves the pool filled with the blood and remains.

The war with the hydrogues escalates. Ildiran princess Osira'h was successful in contacting the hydrogues, but the awful price they demand for peace with the Ildirans is that the Solar Navy helps them destroy Earth and the entire human race. If Mage-Imperator Jora'h can't find another solution, he will have to sacrifice either his honor and the humans, or his own people.

On Theroc, the hydrogues attack again. The worldforest is far from recovered enough to fight back, and aid cannot arrive in time. Will Kotto Okiah's "doorbells" work? And will the Wentals save Cesca Peroni as they saved Jess Tamblyn? Will the royal couple survive?

Of Fire and Night is one page turner that I found difficult to put down. As in the previous four volumes, the story moves back and forth between characters, picking up speed as it barrels toward its end. Though it has been a long series, and the books are thick, it is one that is well worth reading. Readers cannot image how frustrated the cliffhanger ending left me when I realized that we won't find out what happens next until July of next year! Read this wonderful series! And get ready to enjoy Book 6!

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July 13, 2006
Science Fiction
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NOTE: Contains violence, foul language, sexual situations

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Jo Rogers
Reviewed 2006
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