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Twisted Tails
An Anthology To Surprise and Delight

Edited by J. Richard Jacobs

      Here is a collection of tales that may leave your mind twisted. Twisted Tails is an anthology as warped as any I have ever read. J. Richard Jacobs rounds a motley cast of writers, including, Peter Prellwitz (who has been an Eppie finalist), Marilyn Peake, Jeremy Davies, Biff Mitchell and many others who pool their talents to weave a tapestry of tales that you may be able to read from cover to cover...I could not.  For me, it was like a rich desert, just a little at a time worked best. 

The collection of thirty-one bizarre stories will keep you guessing; you never know what to expect next. "Picture Postcards" is a wonderful story of the ultimate revenge gone awry.  In "Veil" you will meet a hideous troll that will raise the hair on the back of your neck. There is even a "Big Red Gift" under the Christmas tree that is a great surprise.  Check out the UFOs in "Return to Roswell" with Marilyn Peake and find out why Biff Mitchell is "In a Bad Mood".

Frightening, funny, and just plain weird, this sampler gave me a teasing preview of the great talent of these many writers.  I will certainly be looking for some of the longer works by many of my favorites.

The Book

Double Dragon Publishing
April 25, 2006
Trade Paperback
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NOTE: Holiday:  There is a Christmas Story

The Reviewer

Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewed 2006
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