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By M. D. Benoit


Zumaya Press continues to present exceptionally good storytellers for readers to enjoy. M.D. Benoit is no exception. Her previous work has been as a mystery writer of the Jack Meter Case Files.Her divergence into science fiction has been very successful with this new book, Synergy, a skillfully plotted mystery thriller that explores the effects of genetic engineering in a world not too far into the future.

The story revolves around a researchers Torver Lockwood and Demetria Greyson who are hired to find a cure for a deadly genetic disease that lies dormant within a small boy. Their work is illegal but could answer personal questions that Lockwood and Greyson have about some unusual abilities that they possess. However, that same cure, if in the wrong hands, could selectively turn on or turn off genes, creating super humans or destroyinglives.

Benoit builds characters that are multidimensional and with whom readers can establish a bond, even when those characters aren't behaving as nobly as we would like. Her science is sound, which is critical for this genre, and the ethical questions she raises are already being debated in medical research circles. But, it is Benoit's ability to put all of this into plot twisting, fast paced thriller that has her right up there with the big boys like Gregg Hurwitz and Michael Crichton.

Very highly recommended.

The Book

Zumaya Otherworlds
March 15, 2007

10: 1934135135

13: 978-1934135136

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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2007
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