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Twisted Tails II - Time On Our Hands, Volume I
Twisted Tails II - Out of Time, Volume II

Edited by J. Richard Jacobs

      These two exciting books explore the concept of time, according to each writer's imagination. Does time exist as a separate dimension with a unique place and definite limits in space? How, exactly does that work?

Volume I contains ten stories, each by a different author, which share their ideas of time travel and dimensions that are kinked and allow you to pass from one to the other at will. In Volume I, the surprising abilities of a small autistic child named Anabelle allow her to communicate with a mummy in the museum, and frightening things happen in Marilyn Peake's "Mummy In The Art Museum". Time Travel has never been imagined like this as Blunnet and Funnit take on a trip with Blondie, their flatface slave in "Neanderthal Nemesis," by Darrell Bain. In "A Ringkle in Time," by Biff Mitchell and Ann Dulhanty, a cure for tinnitus is just a time warp away.

In Volume II, you will meet a whole new cast of characters and new twists on the concept of what time is and what it isn't through eleven delicious sojourns into the unknown. You can read straight through or browse for your favorite author. Marilyn Peake has some off-beat ideas in "Moonbeams Upon Stonehenge," and Anderson Gentry has a different conception of time in "Ten Minutes". Jeremy Davies manages to lose his protagonist in the landscape in Martian Colours.

Each of these stories has a surprise twist ending, designed to catch you off guard, and they really do just that. But be careful...the publisher states that you are on your promise that once you are into a story, you will ever come out. Some stories will give you a laugh, and others will really creep you out and may send you on a time-warp tail-spin of your own.

The Book

Double Dragon Press
March 2007
Available in Paperback & e-book (Reviewed from the paperbacks)
Volume I: 1-55404-434-0 / 978-1-55404-434-4
Volume II: 1-55404-450-2 / 978-1-55404-450-4
Science Fiction / Fantasy
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The Reviewer

Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewed 2007
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