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Alex Webster and the Gods

by David Dent

      Alex Webster is working hard to begin his own business. He has a plan. He studied both marketing and religion, and in fact wrote his dissertation on the use of marketing by God in Christianity. It's a wild notion, most think, but one person takes it all very seriously.

That person is a god. Jupiter, who has taken on the identity of J.J. Jones, hires Alex to help him get the rest of the Roman gods up-to-date enough for them to make a comeback.

This time, though, they're going to do things a little differently. Rather than coming back as gods, they're going to come back as the movers and shakers in an international corporation. They're going to become powerful again through commerce and a proper marketing plan.

After all, Alex Webster's dissertation proves that Jaweh went world-wide with a good marketing plan. So it shouldn't be all that hard to do, should it?

Alex takes on the job, at first not really believing he's dealing with gods, but soon finds that 1) indeed he is, and 2) he needs help. So he brings in Victoria Malek to help (she is his girlfriend, but also an incredibly savvy businesswoman), and they become consultants to the gods.

The plan develops into a merger, and then the eventual takeover of Pharmaglobe, a pharmaceutical company presently operating out of headquarters in Toronto.

Gerry Schilling is the head of Pharmaglobe, and he's a brilliant businessman, and also a ruthless bastard. He is happy to go with the merger because his plan it to get rid of J.J. and keep the whole company, and the new influx of money, all to himself.

Can the old gods get up to date? Can J.J. not fall to the machinations of Gerry and his deadly second in command? Will Alex and Victoria finally commit to one another and quit dancing around the issue of their love?

It's an interesting adventure in finding out these answers. The book is witty, and you find yourself rooting for this odd bunch of old timers who really do have the best intentions - ultimately.

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April 3, 2007
0595423167 / 978-0595423163
Science Fiction
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Sarah Bewley
Reviewed 2008
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