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Blood Noir
Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Book 16

by Laurel K Hamilton

      In this book Anita chooses to help friend and sometimes lover, Jason, return home to North Carolina to pay his last respects to his dying father. Jason is a werewolf who also works as a stripper. He had a troubled relationship with his father which was often abusive. He needs Anita to help give him the appearance of just a normal guy with a beautiful girl on his arm. His father has labeled him as gay and has no idea of his werewolf abilities. His family has all but turned their back on him. Anita is sure they can pull this off and wants to do this for her friend.  They both feel this should not be a problem for a couple of days in a small southern town.

But all is not as it seems. Upon their arrival, Jason is immediately mistaken for his handsome cousin Keith Summerland, son to the governor and the bane of Jason's younger life. He has always lived in the shadow of Keith, the golden boy from a wealthy and influential family.

Keith is expected in town for his up and coming wedding and is soon realized to be missing.

While Anita is trying to play referee to the family's many problems, Marmee Noir, the mother of all vampires, chooses this time to make a move on Anita. She desires more power and can get it through her possession of Anita. This leads to a rather sensual and wild case of abandoned sex not only with Jason but several more weretigers.

Keith, the rich cousin, is discovered to have left his bride-to-be at the altar and taken off with the wife of a rather influential vampire.

So now let the butt-kicking begin.

I started this series when it was rather new and loved it. I must say Ms. Hamilton's books are getting a bit wordy and starting to rely on sex as a main attraction. I, for one, am starting to be unhappy with where this series is headed.

The Book

May 27, 2008
0425222195 / 978-0425222195
Science Fiction / Fantasy
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NOTE: Lots of Sexual Content

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Susan Johnson
Reviewed 2008
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