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Blue Moon

by Cindy Lynn Speer

      In Cindy Lynn Speer's debut novel, Blue Moon, parallel worlds merge. Speer's worlds are much more complex than most parallel constructs. This is not Bizarro or Superman, where one world is the exact opposite of the other. Nor is this just two worlds that have different historical timelines. Speers spins a tale rooted in legend when the worlds of fey and magic separated from the world of science. She includes not only elven and fairy lore but also Arthurian myth.

The story also is complex with intrigue flowing from one world into the next. The tale begins with a young male dragon assuming human form and crossing into our world to save a young woman from an evil from his own world: Sabin the son of the Dark Queen. It would have been a simple task just to do what he had to do and return, but something happens. He remains in this world as Alex, with no memory of who or what he is and has no idea who he rescued or why. The young woman he saved, Libby, is still being pursued by Sabin, who holds claim to her as his wife. She protects the Merlin Stone, the enchanted object that split the worlds apart. Sabin has uses for the Merlin Stone that are pure evil.

As Alex's father and the Dark Queen enter our world separately, they are drawn toward Libby, Sabin, and an aging power-eager witch named Sierra. The Dark Queen is also pursued by Nimue and some fey friends who hope to seek their own personal revenge on the evil monarch.

Though all of this sounds like a Dungeons and Dragons fantasy, make no mistake - Speer not only has crafted intricate worlds but has fashioned characters that would fit into any modern thriller. Every being is well-rounded, complex, and very believable. And once Speer set her characters on their individual paths with their unique quests, the action practically blazes from the pages. I found it really difficult to put the book down to go to sleep once I found out everyone's story and what they had to do before the blue moon.

Cindy Lynn Speer is an eloquent new talent. She has a new book coming out later this year called The Chocolatierís Wife that is part mystery and part historical romance. It should be delicious reading. Before that, pick up a copy of Blue Moon and savor a well-told tale.

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Zumaya Otherworlds
January 2008
Trade paperback
1934135720 / 978-1934135723
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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2008
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