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Busted Flush
A Wild Cards Mosaic Novel

Edited by George R. R. Martin

      George R. R. Martin brings us a new "Wild Cards" novel, Busted Flush. It is the second in a new generation of Wild Cards stories. Written by nine different authors, these individual stories fit together to form a cohesive whole. Though several story lines are being followed at once, they all come together to complete the main story line.

The wild cards herein are people from an alternate Earth who have been infected with the wild card virus. It strikes at random, leaving the victim with unusual powers. The type and strength of the powers varies with each victim. The most powerful are aces; the weakest are jokers.

There are several agencies that employ these aces. The Committee works through the UN to provide stability and security in a tormented world. The Silver Helix is a branch of the British government. They specialize in spying and assassinations, with an occasional kidnapping thrown in for good measure SCARE is a branch of the United States government. They have a laboratory in New Mexico, where they have tried to breed aces. Using one female ace, they bred many children, hoping one might live long enough to be trained. So far, none of Niobeís children had survived more than a few months. Now, they have a young boy who can create nuclear explosions. Can Niobe free him?

Busted Flush is an absorbing tale of power hungry, greedy people who oppress those who stand in their way. The magic is powerful and varied. What can they do if they combine their gifts? No one knows, for the arrogance and pride born of power keeps them from working together. There is realism in that the story doesnít end happily. So, if you donít mind the sex and profanity, and I do mind, read Busted Flush and the other Wild Card stories. Youíre in for a treat.

The Book

December 2008
0-7653-1782-6 / 978-0-7653-1782-7
Science Fiction/ Fantasy
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NOTE: Contains violence, sex and profanity

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Jo Rogers
Reviewed 2008
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