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Child of a Dead God:
A Novel of the Noble Dead
Book Six in the Series of Noble Dead fantasies

by Barb and J.C. Hendee

      With the growing popularity of vampire themes, The Hendee's detailed and fantastical series brings a whole new world to the genre. It is definitely an adventure-type fantasy, of epic nature, with lots of bloody scenes and characters full of personality and imagination. The main characters Magiere and Leesil are searching for an ancient artifact, even though they don't even fully understand its function or its use. They know it is some kind of an orb, and that they need to keep it away from a brutal Noble Dead, Welstiel, who is Magiere's half brother.

The journey is long and filled with the requisite terrors and troubles, but Magiere is joined by a group of like-minded travelers, much like The Lord of the Rings adventure. Joined by Sage Wynn, a dog-like guardian, Chap, and two Elf assassin-types who apparently have taken on the job of protecting Magiere, even though they don't fully trust this sister of the dead, the group travels together to find the answers they seek. The world created by the Hendees includes Farlands, Elven Territories and the coasts, some lands yet unexplored. As with other mythical worlds, it is a fascinating journey to explore these places with the characters in the book, and coming to terms with the mysterious and the bizarre which are resident there. The creation of this world was assuredly essential to the plot of the book, and the use of dark fantasy as a medium in which to work follows their research of the historical basis of dhampirs (Vampyrs/vampires.)

The first book in the series is actually called Dhampir. Although the storyline tends to be a bit graphic (in the bloody, detailed sense of the word!) the reader is swept up in the tale, and soon develops a vested interest in Magiere and Leesil. Although it is a series, each book does a fairly good job of standing alone, although to truly get the flavor of this fantasy world, reading them all is suggested! A great adult look at the world of dhampirs, and the always constant battle, in any world, between good and evil.

The Book

Roc Book, Published by New American Library, a division of Penguin Group
January 2nd, 2008
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Laura Strathman Hulka
Reviewed 2008
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