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Dancing With Werewolves:
Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator

by Carole Nelson Douglas

      Delilah Street is a TV reporter, covering paranormal events in Kansas. It's a decent job, and she's good at it. At the turn of the millennium, it wasn't the computers that crashed, or any of the other apocalyptic visions that came to pass; what happened was that the things people had always thought were myths began to appear for real: Werewolves, vampires, and zombies and all kinds of weirdness.

At the turn of the year 2000, Delilah was a child in an orphanage. She'd been found abandoned as a baby. Named for where she was found, literally Delilah Street, she has no home, no family, no history that she can hold onto.

She has made a life for herself, found a career, and developed her own "family." She has a Lhasa Apso named Achilles, her faithful family and protector. While small, Lhasa Apsos were bred for protecting the temples in Tibet, and Achilles’ courage is twice the size of a Great Dane. Delilah lives in a small house, and she's furnished it with odds and ends she’s found, creating a warmth that is truly a home. She loves vintage clothes, particularly from the 1970s, and with her pale-pale skin and dark hair, she's very attractive to many types.

Unfortunately, one of the types in particular is vampires. When the anchor of her news show gives her flowers full of Exacto blades so that she will literally bleed for him, Achilles attacks him, biting him and drawing the vampire’s blood.

Unfortunately the blood is poisonous, and Achilles dies. Then the vampire takes further revenge by having his new girlfriend, the weather witch, destroy Delilah’s home.

So Delilah packs up her vintage Cadillac with what she has left and heads out to Las Vegas. Why? Well, there are several reasons. One of which is it's a new place to start, another is that it is one of the centers of the paranormal now, but mostly because on the most recent CSI broadcast (made in Vegas), her perfect double appeared as the corpse.

Does she have a relative she doesn't know about? Who was that woman? Will finding her tell Delilah more about herself?

Once in Vegas though, things happen quickly that immerse Delilah in more than just finding out about the woman who looked like her. She meets Ric who used to be with the FBI. He has a strange ability. He can find corpses. Literally dowse for them the way people dowse for water.

When he and Delilah meet there is an immediate chemistry that is more than just finding each other attractive. They enhance each other's paranormal abilities. She can "feel" things and Ric can find the dead, and when they work together they "feel" the dead at the time they died.

Delilah also finds a protector in the man who produces the CSI shows, an unexpected aspect of trying to find out about her double.

And she also gets a new dog - a huge 150 pound wolf-mix she names Quicksilver.

Ric and Delilah stumble onto a murder that dates back to the take-over of Vegas by the vampires and the werewolves, and the secret of it just about gets them both killed.

The book is fun, sexy, and clever. My only complaint was I felt it left a bit too much unexplained at the end. Part of the mystery is solved, but too much was left unsolved for my taste. I hope that the follow-up book does answer all the questions of the murder, and then allows us to go forward into new mysteries.

That said, I will read the next book. It does not commit the "sin" of not giving me any ending. It just left me wanting a bit more than I got.

The Book

Juno Books
October 10, 2007
0809572036 / 978-0809572038
Dark Fantasy / Paranormal Mystery
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Sarah Bewley
Reviewed 2008
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