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The Discworld Graphic Novels
The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic

by Terry Pratchett
Illustrated by Steven Ross

      Twenty-five years ago the publishing world saw the birth of a phenomenon - the Discworld! There is no ignoring the fact that every time Terry Pratchett writes a book it soars up into the stratosphere of the bestseller lists, no mean feat for that reviled genre, fantasy. But this is comic fantasy at its best, a wise and knowing satire that holds up a distorting mirror to modern life. This being so, it appeals to more than the usual suspects, who Pratchett points out the British public think are all fourteen-year-old boys called Kevin. Except they arenít of course, are they?

It is good to have a look at where it all began again by reading these two books. Of course, there is also a shiny new edition of the pair available this year from Transworld, to tie in with the Sky One Easter showing of the TV film, but this is a graphic novel. I enjoyed seeing what the artist thought the people look like (far more like I imagined them than the makers of the TV film I am relieved to say) and, as with all the best graphic novels the illustrations added a whole new dimension to the story that you donít get with just a dust jacket. The whole story is in here too (something else you didnít get with the TV film) and I wasnít sure how all the footnotes and asides would translate to this new format, but they did. There was even more to laugh at if that is possible with the pictures... I wonít mention TV films again. If this is your first Terry Pratchett I envy you, and you are beginning in the right place. A most attractive and enjoyable addition to the canon.

The Book

Doubleday (Transworld UK)
2 June 2008
0385614276 / 9780385614276
Comic Fantasy / Graphic Novel - Fantastic Location
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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