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Embrace the Night
A Cassie Palmer Fantasy, book 3

by Karen Chance

      Cassandra Palmer has been made Pythia. Just what her duties are, she can't tell you. Her predecessor died before she could teach Cassie anything. A person, who called himself the god Apollo, said he would train her. Then he promptly disappeared, leaving Cassie on her own. She hasn't seen him since.

The only thing Cassie is certain of is that someone, namely the Consul, wants her dead. That's why the Consul's War Mages are trying to kill her. As the story opens, they have her pinned down in a cemetery. All she wanted from that cemetery was a map showing the location of the Codex Merlini, Merlin's grimoire. The Codex contains the counterspell to break the geis that binds her to a master vampire named Mircea.

Her search is aided by a mage named Nathan Pritkin. Together, they learn that the only way they will find the Codex is to go back in time. Merlin had ensorcelled the grimoire so that if the Codex ever left his possession, it would begin to un-write itself. If they were to find it in the present, the spell she needed would probably not be there. As Pythea, Cassie is able to shift herself to another time and place; a power Pritkin doesn't have. She can, with difficulty, shift one other person as well, but she has to be touching them and it drains her power and leaves her exhausted.

Cassie is trying to find the Codex before the geis kills Mircea, or the war mages kill her. Will she succeed? Only time will tell. Personally, I had difficulty staying with the story. You, dear readers, may find it otherwise. But, frankly, the profanity and sex turned me off. The sex was too explicit; the "f" word was used by even the children in the story. Without these flaws, it would be a delightful story. If you can overlook them, enjoy.

The Book

April 2008
0451461991 / 978-0451461995
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NOTE: explicit sex, violence, profanity

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Jo Rogers
Reviewed 2008
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