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The Fireborn Chronicles

by Mary Andrews

      Mary Andrews' first novel, The Fireborn Chronicles, is an adventurous romp through another galaxy. The story follows Rael, an orphan with incredible powers and the ability to mentally interface with technology of all kinds. Rael finds himself through his role as the leader of a Dark Ops unit of the Universal Government (something like the Federation of Star Trek lore). The first three sections of this short book deal with Rael's early training and his subsequent enlistment of two other members of his team: Laynard, a royal healer / assassin and Ira, a Wall Master who can interrogate anyone, using his unique mental abilities. The rest of the book introduces the last member of the team, Tristen, a blind adept who is able to seduce anyone to her will. The rest of the story details how she assists the team in a plan to bring down a galactic corporate overlord. Through their adventures, Rael learns much about his own origins and his place in the scheme of things, and his team learns much about themselves.

The characters, the story, and the science fiction are plausible and I found the ending both unexpected and believable. Readers will heartily root for Rael and his team and will boo loudly for the villains. Andrews has created a cast of characters with abilities that haven't been found together in science fiction. That was most refreshing and set The Fireborn Chronicles apart from much of the science fiction I have read lately.

There are endless possibilities for what this team can accomplish and the adventures they can be a part of. The Fireborn Chronicles has the feel of being the beginning of a series, and, frankly, I'm glad because I want to see more of this team. However, the ending puts a big question mark as to what purpose that team will have in the future. Perhaps in the next installment, we'll all find out. I don't think we've seen the last of Rael and his Dark Ops team.

So, Ms. Andrews, when is the next book coming out?

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October 2007
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Reviewed 2008
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