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The Hero of Ages
Mistborn, Book 3

by Brandon Sanderson

      Elend Venture has taken the title of emperor and has retaken the city of Luthadel. He and his wife, Vin, have found four huge caverns which are stockpiled with food and water. With the Ashmounts spewing more and more ash into the air, it now falls without ceasing. The strange mists that have been ever present at night are now coming before dark and staying well up into the day. And they have begun to kill.

Vin is puzzled by the mists. Twice, during times of extreme danger, when her supply of allomantic metals was gone, the mists strengthened her, allowing her to destroy her enemy. But most of the time, when she tried to summon the mists, they backed away. Were they friend or foe?

Elend discovered that he could control large numbers of koloss, huge blue beasts controlled by allomantic power. Elend was mistborn, but only because of Vin. They went to the Well of Ascension to keep the powers of Ruin from escaping the prison. Preservation had placed him in the Well itself. When Vin took the power from The Well, she releases it to make Elend mist-born and heal his fatal stab wound. That act released Ruin from his prison. Thus, they laid siege to Fadrex City with only part of the power they needed.

The Hero of Ages is the thrilling conclusion to Sanderson' Mistborn Trilogy. It has characters that are all too human, despite their magic power. The originals, both the Kandra and the Koloss as well as their methods of reproduction, will surprise you. The end is totally different than what I expected it to be.

Though it is a bit wordy, and a very long story, it is absorbing. I didn't want to put it down. It is part of a trilogy, yet it stands alone as a novel. So, try this trilogy and enjoy a very different kind of fantasy.

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October 14, 2008
0765316897 / 978-0765316899
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NOTE: Contains violence, mild profanity

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Jo Rogers
Reviewed 2008
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