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Keeper of Dreams

by Orson Scott Card

      Orson Scott Card has provided the science fiction fan with a variety of reading in this large collection of short stories, novelettes, and novellas. He divides the selections into five categories: science fiction, fantasy, literary, Hatrack River and Mormon stories.

The beauty of the stories is in the themes. These are not the far out fantasies found in many science fiction stories, but ideas that have been tossed about lately as being possible - places existing in alternate universes but still abutting each other, for example. Yet the stories take on an existence of their own after we accept one of Cardís theories about the existence of matter. Another theme these stories explore is that of the difference in time lapse, as illustrated in the story "Dust."

Each of the stories, with the possible exception of the literary piece "50 WPM," is just right for a one-sitting read. Then Card does an interesting and useful thing: he explains how he came by the story and, in some cases, describes what changes he plans for the piece - be that leave it as it is, or turn it into a novel. His notes on the Mormon stories are as interesting and entertaining as the stories themselves. Any science fiction fan would do well to get a copy of this book.

The Book

Tor Books
April 15, 2008
076530497X / 978-0765304971
Science fiction
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Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2008
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