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Mad Kestrel

by Misty Massey

      Kestrel is a Promise, somebody with latent magical abilities whose usual destiny is to get swept up by the evil Danisobans and made into one of them. Her parents saved her as a child at the cost of their own lives.After living on the streets, Kestrel has ended up on a pirate ship. She loves the life, and the salt water makes it nearly impossible for Danisobans to catch her. When her captain walks into a trap set by the handsome captain of another vessel, he is arrested and taken away to be executed. It is up to her and the rest of the crew to rescue him - but it isnít going to be quite that simple.

If, like this reviewer, you love pirate yarns and wish they still wrote them you will be glad to see that they do. All the usual excitement of that type of swashbuckling fiction is present and correct in this enjoyable tale, with the added dimension of a spot of magic and a fantasy setting.

Ms. Massey has the right, light touch for this sort of thing, springing from thrilling chase to swordfight, and hitting the right spot with a good humored, pacy style. This is worlds away from anything Tolkeinesque, and the current trend for following George R. R. Martinís martial tomes and as a result makes a welcome change to see that somebody is using their imagination. The plot kept me guessing what was going to happen next, and there are some engaging characters of whom I hope to read more about in a sequel or two. The adventures are hopefully only just beginning for Mad Kestrel - and I plan to be reading them all. Highly recommended.

The Book

Tor (Tom Doherty)
March 2008
0765318024 / 9780765318022
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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