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The Painted Man
(US Title: The Warded Man)
Book One of the Demon Trilogy

by Peter V Brett

      Tibbetís Brook is the sort of rustic village much beloved by fantasy writers, the sort of place where the protagonist grows up before he embarks on his life-changing quest.† This is also true of this book, but I loved the way the author plunged the reader straight into the story to reveal that Tibbetís Brook is actually a place where terrifying demons materialize from the earth every night.† This happens everywhere in this world, and for centuries people have spent their dark hours battling against them or lurking behind wards.† Young Arlen lives here with his parents, but soon he embarks on a journey to discover how people can fight back and win.

If, like this reviewer, you are tired of modern fantasies filled with court intrigue and yearn for the delights of quests and fierce beasties, then you will love this story as I did.† Brettís world comes to life easily and hits the ground running, then it does not let up.† He has a great storyteller style that hooks the reader from the first line, making this one of those books that wonít be put down.† There are some original things in here, but that is not the appeal, as this is not a groundbreaking tale, just one well-told and replete with action.† Anybody who thinks authors donít write this sort of thing any more is going to be thrilled.† I canít wait to read the next instalment.

The Book

Voyager (HarperCollins)
1 September 2008
0007276133 / 9780007276134
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NOTE: Some fantasy violence

The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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