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Project U.L.F.
First in a series

by Stuart Clark

      Attention all science-fiction fans, there is a new writing talent on the horizon. Stuart Clark is proving to be the next Michael Crichton or maybe a new Robert Heinlein.

Clark has written a remarkable off-world adventure, Project U.L.F. Within its pages, Clark reveals a world of the future where zoo personnel travel to distant worlds to find exotic species to supply humanity's educational and recreational curiosity. The fearless trappers who bag these off-world beasties are a remarkable breed themselves. For Wyatt Dorren, becoming a trapper had been a choice he made to cut his prison sentence short, a decision that could easily have resulted in an early death on a hostile planet. As he learned his trade, however, he found he was quite adept. Nevertheless, as the story unfolds, Dorren and an unusual crew find themselves on a mission that is doomed from its start. They begin gathering specimens but soon that task takes the back seat to survival and trying to formulate a plan to return home.

Clark has created a remarkable world filled with unusual and dangerous flora and fauna in a future that still hasn't learned the evil of power and greed. The adventure is fast-paced, the characters are authentic and multi-dimensional, and the alien lifeforms are creatively drawn and very surprising.

Project U.L.F. is a flat out winner! I haven't read such pure science-fiction adventure in a long time. The book has the feel of early classic sci-fi (adventure and horror in the unknown) combined with the hard science and sophistication of today. Adding reality to the narrative is Clark's background in science. Though he has degrees in microbiology and science writing, he deals with broad biological factors in the book, painting a landscape, climate, and creatures that are definitely not microbial.

Stuart Clark recently announced that he has finished writing a second book about exotic off-world trappers, which means that he may be launching a series. That second book will be out later this year!

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Silver Leaf Books
February 2007
0978778200 / 978-0978778200
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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2008
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