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Queen Ferris
Book Two of the Stoneways Trilogy

by S. C. Butler

      S.C. Butler continues The Stoneways Trilogy with Queen Ferris. In Reiffen's Choice, Reiffen's friends, Ferris, Aoender and Redburr, rescued Riffen from the grasp of the Three. The Wizards tolerate the presence of the men and animals only so they can experiment on them and destroy them. Though they are brothers, they are different.

Ussris, the White Wizard, prefers his laboratory and experiments to the chaos of warfare. It is Ossdone, the Black Wizard, who loves the wholesale destruction and slaughter of war. Fornoch, the gray Wizard, seems interested only in teaching someone, preferably Reifen, magic. Beyond that, he seems unreadable. As a whole, the Three wish to turn Reifen to their evil ways. Reiffen, however, has a plan. He will return unseen to learn magic and use it to destroy the Three. He knows he will be lonely so he takes his mother, Gissere, with him. But he hadn't imagined what the Three would ask him to do to prove his loyalty. He could only hope to be able to fulfill his plan without the Three discovering it. He also hopes his friends will forgive him for not telling them his plans and for doing the cruel things he is forced to do.

To Reiffen's surprise and puzzlement, Fornoch has figured out his plan, but teaches him magic anyway. What does the inscrutable Wizard have in mind? Can Reiffen practice magic, do what they ask and keep from becoming just like the beings he wants to kill?

Queen Ferris is high fantasy at its best. The characters are realistic and their task is all but impossible. But their determination is stronger than that of their enemies. The action is non-stop and the emotions run the full gambit from deepest sorrow to the heights of the greatest happiness. Read both Reifen's Choice and Queen Ferris then await with me the conclusion of a wonderful story.

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Tor Books
October 30, 2007
0765314789 / 978-0765314789
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NOTE: Contains Violence

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Jo Rogers
Reviewed 2008
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