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The Red Wolf Conspiracy
The Chathrand Voyage, Book One

by Robert V S Redick

      The vast, 600-year-old merchant ship IMS Chatrand is a floating wonder, and the last of its kind. Captained by the cruel Nilus Rose it also contains assassins, stowaways, spies, marines and others, including the captain’s daughter who is to be married off to seal a treaty. Surely it cannot have just vanished?

I enjoy fantasy, but confess to being less keen about the dark, gritty variety that seem to be the norm these days, nor do I favor too much court intrigue if it means it is at the expense of any action or memorable characters. As a genre, it does tend to get mired in clichés, so how refreshing it is when somebody comes along and does something different - like this! You will find plenty of fantasy clichés in here too, but all cleverly tweaked to make them into something else which results in a feeling of originality. The characters aren’t all saintly heroes or irredeemable villains either; there are plenty of the gray characters who make a book interesting as well as a well-realized background and a suspenseful story. When I come to choose my top ten for this site in November I will probably be listing this under fantasy, unless I am very lucky and 2008 turns out to be a year with two stunningly readable and original fantasy novels in it. Highly unlikely, so you had better get hold of this one now. Gollancz does it again!

The Book

Gollancz (Orion UK)
15 May 2008
0575081783 / 9780575081789
Fantasy / Fantastic Location
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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