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Song of the Shiver Barrens
Book Three of the Mirage Makers

by Glenda Larke

      Ligea Gayed has conquered the Tyranian Empire and made it her own, but she has had two books to realize all her ambitions - what about her son Arrant?† Although it sometimes seems his power is greater than that of any Magoroth, his magical cabochon remains dormant for too much of the time.† He must go and live with his father in Kardiastan and learn how to come into his birthright as leader.† This however, will not be easy.† Not for himself or for the Kardis as a nation, for the Ravage is growing stronger and getting closer.

This is a book - indeed a whole series - which keeps a reader on the edge of their seat.† What is wrong with Arrant and can it be cured?† What is the Ravage, and can it be beaten before it is too late for everybody?† It is a big story; and Ligeaís own rule and problems take perhaps too much of a back seat.† They seem almost forgotten about except at odd moments, when it is almost a surprise that there is another story besides that of the Kardis.† Also at times the Job-like sufferings of the hapless Arrant go on for rather too long, but for all that, this is still a novel with a lot of detail, plenty of action and a grand sense of momentum. † I didnít guess how it would all end, but felt satisfied, which is more than I do with many endings.† A writer to watch out for.

The Book

Orbit (Little, Brown)
1 May 2008
1841496073 / 9781841496078
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NOTE: Some violence

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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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