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Temptation of the Warrior

by Margo Maguire

      I usually find myself looking forward to reading a book of fantasy, if only to try to convince me there is something worthwhile in a genre that taxes, rather than pleases, a part of my brain I try to keep secreted away. More often than not, I find my suspicions supported by the dribble I read within the covers. But to Margo Maguire, I have this to say. "Well done. Well done, indeed!" Margo has a very unique ability to transcribe all the typical contrivances of such a fantasy genre into a believable and wonderfully comfortable world. The people don't seem human enough. They are human. The time period doesn't seem adequate. It is realistic. The conversation doesn't just pounce from their lips as if spouting off thunderous claps of platitudes. They speak and engage and the reader engages with them.

It's a fast read, not because of its length or brevity in action, but because of its ability to draw the reader into that world with comfort and excitement and companionship and adventure. Her characters travel through 1,000 years effortlessly carrying us along through time as if we are making the journey right alongside them. There is no clutter, no awkwardness, and no strange transition. It just miraculously happens.

On looking back at my own dislike of fantasy, I found the transition from suspicion to appreciation of her work doing the same thing. It just miraculously happens.

The Book

Avon / HarperCollins
April 2008
ARC for paperback
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Chris Querry
Reviewed 2008
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