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To Live Without Warning

by Timothy LaBadie

      As 33-year-old Joshua Cromwell, a mathematician, leaves his home for work, the breathe-erater clears him of any communicable diseases and allows him to leave his home without wearing a protective mask on his face. The use of the breathe-erater has eradicated 60 percent of communicable diseases. There are no longer private vehicles due to the Federal mandate of 2008, many years ago. Gasoline engines are a thing of the past. The federal government has restricted employers from allowing their employees to work for more than four hours a day. And smoking is not allowed within the city limits. This is the planet earth of today.

At times, Joshua hears his mind screaming and feels as though he should be doing something important, something he has forgotten about. He falls into a very vivid dream where he is no longer Joshua but something very different and something not human.

Olas, the giant tangerine, and Katya, with a tail and three toes on each foot - both from other planets - have come to earth to answer some of Joshua's questions. Joshua learns he is part-human, part-Hymenopt. He learns he is an experiment, and the Hymenopts plan to destroy all of the human race on the planet earth. Up to this point in Joshua's life, he has never really participated in the world going on around him. Now he realizes that life is not worth living unless he does become involved. How else will he care about anything?

With chapters alternating between Joshua, who lives on planet earth, and his counterpart Joe, who is a simulation of Joshua and lives a virtual reality inside a computer, To Live Without Warning is an intriguing sci-fi / fantasy read. If you are a fan of science fiction, you won't want to miss out on this one.

The Book

September 2007
Sci-fi / Fantasy
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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2008
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