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The Touch of Twilight
Sign of the Zodiac, Book 3

by Vicki Petterson

      Olivia Archer was not who she seemed. She looked like Olivia Archer, but she was actually Olivia's sister, Joanna. Olivia was dead. Magic made her look like Olivia. Joanna was a savant of the Light, the forces who fought the Shadows. The Tulpa, leader of the Shadows, had ordered Joanna's death because she was the Archer, the one chosen to destroy him, and he had to kill her.

Then the Tulpa learned that Joanna was his daughter. He began to try to persuade her to change sides. Joanna knew her pre-destined role and she refused.

But there were other things going on. There were mortal humans being killed by the Tulpa's forces as soon he found out they were helping the forces of Light. He hoped this would make Joanna feel guilty enough to come to the Shadows.

Then there was an explosion, creating a black hole over the building occupied by another of their human operatives and Joanna's troop was sent to rescue him. However, when they arrived, no one could enter the black zone except Joanna. She found the Tulpa, who offered her the life of the human who'd been helping the forces of Light, if she'd join him. But a rescuer was waiting for her as well. Or did this bubble creature have a worse fate in mind? Could she escape death to fight again another day? And could she help the Light find the paranormal ripping portals open between universes?

The Touch of Twilight is a wild tale filled with adventure, danger, suspense and magic. The story itself is a grand fairy tale, but the language used leaves a lot to be desired. The "F" word is used much too often. This language used by the protagonists leaves them far less appealing. If you don't mind the profanity, the story is quite entertaining with its many plot twists.  Give it a try and the others in the Zodiac Series.

The Book

Eos / HarperCollins
May 27, 2008
Mass Market Paperback
0060898933 / 978-0060898939
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NOTE: Violence / profanity

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Jo Rogers
Reviewed 2008
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