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And Other Tales

by James Scott DeLane

      Twisted is not just the title but also an apt commentary on the contents of the book. Eighteen strange stories to keep you on the edge of your seat, filled with characters you never imagined, in places you never heard of.

Here you will meet humans that have been changed into something quite different by Nyman aliens.  Wouldn't it be a shock to find out that you are not the human you thought you were, but a created robot dubbed Theta Nine? Then there are the little blue pills that show up in more than one story and make your fantasies real.

Each story is unique in its concept, and nothing is quite what it seems.  Surprise endings are the norm in this unparalleled collection about love and war, and created worlds. I read the book from beginning to end, but browsing and reading the stories out of order would be great for anyone short of reading time. DeLane is a powerful writer who pulls you right into the story and keeps you guessing.

The Book

Wings ePress
January 2007
1-59705-825-4 / 978-1-59705-825-4
Sci-Fi / Fantasy
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NOTE: The amazon link is for the original paperback edition, as reviewed. This also been issued as an eBook, which is available, along with an excerpt, on the publisher's site link.

The Reviewer

Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewed 2008
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