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The Two Pearls of Wisdom
US Title: Eon: Dragoneye Reborn

by Alison Goodman

      Orphan Eon is his ailing masterís last hope; he has to get chosen out of twelve candidates to become the next Dragoneye.† These powerful lords control the elements and ensure the good fortune of the land.† But Eon has a secret... he is actually female, and called Eona.† But talent like hers does not come very often, and where most Dragoneyes and candidates can only see one dragon, she can see all of them.† Apart from the Mirror Dragon, missing for five hundred years.† Eon is going to have a tough time getting chosen, and if she gets that far, she will still have to maintain her male guise and navigate through the intrigues of the Emperorís court.

If, like this reviewer, you are a fan of Lian Hearnís series and all things Oriental, then this book is for you.† Ms Goodmanís setting is a cross between China and Japan and something all her own, paired with a great storyteller style which sucks the reader in from page one.† Eon tells the story in her own words which adds momentum, and she comes across as a resourceful and likeable person.† There is plenty of court intrigue in here, but if you are thinking of certain other tubby tomes which contain little else and have been put off this type of book donít worry — there is as much action as in any more traditional sword and sorcery fantasy.† Such as actual swords and sorcery!† Certain clichť situations I thought I could see a mile off were neatly sidestepped, and the modest length had me wanting more, not wishing there had been less.† I think that unless I am very fortunate I will be voting this my favorite fantasy of 2008 in the Top Ten lists.† Very highly recommended.

The Book

Bantam (Transworld UK)
25 September 2008
Trade Paperback
0593061365 / 9780593061367
Fantasy / Oriental Fantasy Setting
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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